Friday, July 31, 2009

PJ Harvey

If you're looking for an extremely kick-ass female vocalist, sit back and relax because I have found her for you.

PJ Harvey is quite possibly the coolest chick ever. You should give her a listen. She's been around since the nineties and her style is constantly changing. If you like crazy hard stuff, listen to her early albums. If you like soft, ethereal, piano-driven music, listen to White Chalk.

For having been around so long, I think this woman is highly underrated. I think it may be because people think her music is just too weird to listen to. But I like it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My First Night in Santa Cruz

Finally, finally, we moved in last night! Well, sort of.

My boyfriend, Zach, and I have been planning to move to Santa Cruz for months and yesterday, we signed our lives away for a lease on a rather quaint little apartment in Pleasure Point, which I have come to find out is a world-famous surfing spot. Our apartment is in a little shopping center, right above a bong shop and a tattoo parlor. Hah. In the shopping center there is also a fabric store, a Chinese restaurant called Dynasty (we ate there last was good!), a laundromat (convenient!), and Coffeetopia, a little coffee shop which apparently used to be a bank? It has free wi-fi internet, score! We think there might also be a bar of some sort because we heard screaming and arguing all night. Yay.

We met one of our neighbors...I didn't catch his name, but he was an older fellow with shoulder-length hair who smelled of cigarettes. He let us borrow a dolly to move some of our stuff. Unfortunately we had already moved all the stuff we had before he let us use it. Oh well. He also offered us two beds and a book shelf. Apparently he will be moving in a month, but we're not allowed to tell the landlord. Okay. He knocked on our door to tell us something at least four times in the span of ten minutes.

Well, I had about the worst sleep I've ever gotten last night because we hadn't moved our bed yet and had to sleep on the floor. So uncomfortable! This morning we drove back to the bay area. Zach and his family are moving the rest of our stuff today, so the place will actually be inhabitable. Yay!

Until next time...